Starring Juliette Binoche, Johnny Depp & Judi Dench

Rating 8/10

Don’t you love films that make you hungry? Except, perhaps, when you don’t have one scrap of food in the house! It just makes me wanna cry. You can’t expect a young lady to watch a foodie film (or any film for that matter) without the appropriate snack close at hand.

This is one of those films that makes you want to soak in a bath filled with melted chocolate (slightly cooled). Although your face may want to break out in a chorus of pimples from just watching this movie, it’s a good ‘un. And as a plus, it has my favourite actor, Johnny Depp, who, damn it, still has it after umpteen decades in the biz.

Made waaaay back in 2000 (who can even remember that far back), this movie is still one of my faves. I loved it so much that I and a couple of nameless others went to visit the town it was filmed in, Flavigny-sur-Ozerain in France. Now if you’re expecting a fully functional chocolate shop with Chocolat-themed trinkets to take home, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Not a scrab, flake or curl of chocolate was to be found. But it was a mighty pretty gothic town. Here’s some ancient pics from 2003.

There's the choccy shop and a young-ish me

There’s the choccy shop and a young-ish me

Street view

Street view

As for the film well, if you haven’t seen it, you must! The plot goes something like this… (take it away Wikipedia). Wanna watch it? Hungry? You should be. Not only is it filmed in beautiful, exotic France, it also has super-loveable characters that will warm your heart’s cockles. Even the bad old mayor becomes a big old teddy bear by the end of the film.

But they’re not all perfect which is great. Who can love a perfect character? Not I. Binoche’s character, Vianne Rocher is downright selfish with all her ‘go-with-the-wind’ antics, moving her poor child on from town to town. And the cranky old Armande (Judi Dench) needs a bit of a talking to but she has a good heart, bless her. All in all, every single character, although filled with issues/weaknesses, is fully redeemable which makes it an upbeat kinda film in the end.

The scenery is spectacular, the food out of this world and the story relatable on many levels. Check it out.

Chocolat trivia:

  • Budget -$25 million (that’s a LOT of chocolate)
  • Binoche had to learn to make her own chocolates in a sweet Parisian shop. Some of her handiwork even made it into the film.
  • All of Dench’s/Depp’s scenes were filmed in England or on a set. Sigh.
  • From my own personal experience and hours hunting for the river in the film, Flavigny-sur-Ozerain is without river, I repeat, without river. All those scenes were filmed on a stage.
  • Johnny Depp performs 2 songs on the film’s soundtrack. Clever hippy dude.
  • No statue resides in dear Flavigny, the one in the film was made out of plastic.
  • 250 locals were extras.
Snuck in another pic...

Snuck in another pic…

To celebrate the chocciest of all choccy movies, Chocolat, we’re cooking a spectacular chocolate cake from the sweet’s guru herself, Nigella (take a bow!) I cooked it with a couple of young-uns who couldn’t resist licking the beater (do you still do that? I do!) Here’s our bake-off sesh and the recipe itself – Nigella’s Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake.



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