Image: Adventures in Cooking - used with permission

Image: Adventures in Cooking – used with permission

Starring Jack O’Connell, Domhnall Gleeson & Miyavi

Rating 9/10 


Here it is, it’s short, it’s sweet and kinda violent. Check it out here.


There’s a lovely scene on the lifeboat when Louie and a couple of guys when they’re lost at sea. Louie tries to keep the others alive by describing his mother’s cooking. One of her signature dishes was gnocchi, so that’s what we’re cooking to match this amazing movie. It’s the super-delicious-looking Toasted Sage Gnocchi with Sauteed Asparagus & Caramelized Shallots recipe from Adventures in Cooking.

Image: Adventures in Cooking - used with permission

Image: Adventures in Cooking – used with permission


From the very first scene you’re thrust out of your chair and into a World War II bomber. The opening of this film is so darn powerful and LOUD, you feel like you’re one of the flight crew. It’s when a film opens with a BANG that you know it’s going to be a winner.

This film tells the incredible true story of Louis “Louie” Zamperini,  (and stop reading if you want to know NOTHING about this amazing guy before you see the movie) an Italian/American kid with a dodgy start in life, a loving family, an Olympian and surviver of a Japanese POW camp. The real Louie unfortunately died earlier this year, which certainly brought a tear to Director Angelina Jolie’s eye at the World Premiere in Sydney.

He was the kind of guy who just wouldn’t give up. Under incredible suffering, time after time, punch after punch, he remained true to himself, his family and his country. This was one tough fella. Not only did he survive the war (…just!) but he lived through not one but two plane crashes, one into the ocean. And he survived because he never gave up.

So we know the story is great but did the production, direction live up to it? For the most part, yes. There were times where the action lagged a bit and I was all like ‘C’mon Ange, move it along’ and there was one scene that was a little daggy but all in all, it was a powerful, inspiring movie told really well. I totally recommend you see it, especially in a cinema with crisp sound and a super-large screen!

Here’s the trailer…

Unbroken trivia:

  • Budget – $65 million
  • Filmed entirely in Australia! Woo hoo!
  • Louie’s story rights were sold way back in 1957 by Universal but it was only after the novel became a best seller, did it get any money behind it.
  • In Angelina’s own words, Louie actually lived quite close to her and when she got the green light to start production she flew a flag (as she promised Louie she would) and he was over the moon.
  • This is musician Miyavi’s (the actor who plays the harsh Japanese commander) first film. It was his presence on stage that drove Angelina Jolie to cast him in the role.
  • Initially he was unsure whether to take it, as he thought it may be offensive to the Japanese people but when he met with Jolie he realised it was more about forgiveness than anything else.
  • This is the second film Jolie has directed. The first was In the Land of Blood and Honey, made in 2011.


Another fabulous recipe you can imagine Louie’s gorgeous mum cooking up for the family on a Sunday! It’s Italian Butterhorn Cookies from Authentic Suburban Gourmet.

Image: Authentic Suburban Gourmet - used with permission

Image: Authentic Suburban Gourmet – used with permission

What’s your favourite Angelina Jolie film? 

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