I’m still buzzing after walking the red carpet with Angelina and Brad (well, when I say WITH I mean it was the same red carpet although the timing was a bit different). Anyhoo I got to see Brangelina live in person on the streets of Sydney where they greeted their fans for an hour! I’m not sure if every celeb does this but Brad and Ange sure spent a lot of time taking selfies with those lucky people lining up.


After we were ushered quickly away (but I want more of Brangelina, I told the security lady) we entered past all the photographers, who funnily didn’t want to take my picture. What the…?


Then we waited and wondered when and if Brad and Ange were going to join us. The good old usher/security peeps strongly encouraged us down the stairs for our free champagne and food box. Yep! Film and Food baby!

Here’s what was in it. A Quinoa salad, a mini quiche, some Lindt choccy balls, a packet of corn chips and a bottle of water. Noice! Then we watched all the red carpet interviews on the red carpet while we waited once more.


We snagged seats three rows from the front just in case Ange came on stage to say something before or after the film. We secretly high-fived ourselves as a very nervous-looking Angelina Jolie walked on stage for a little speech before the movie began.


Then it was phones away people and eyes glued to the screen as we started to watch the amazing epic that is Unbroken. Now, I’d write a Film and Food review but I’m super tired so you’ll have to wait. But enjoy the pics and excitement from this incredible World Premiere. And if you ever get to go to one of these babies… get there! It’s heaps of fun. We even snagged a copy of the book. Bonus!

Pardon the fuzzy pics but I was just too darn excited for clear, crisp, controlled images (and I have a crap camera).

What would you say to Brad and Ange if you had the chance? 

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